March 19, 2013

A big thanks for…

Studio Instrument Rentals, NY (SIR) – Carly Vena, you are a gem, one-in-a-million! Thank you for the kindness and patience with our little party. We were beggars and you treated us like rock stars!
Stratosphere Sound – what an experience! Thanks for the opportunity.
Avatar Studios – Wow! That’s all, just Wow!
Michael Nigro – Don Downie – Partially Submerged – you are alchemists! You guys were so helpful and supportive. Thanks!
Carl Glanville – the record sounds like a Grammy winner to us.
Michael Parrish – didn’t we almost have it all.
Geoff Sanoff – you influenced in 10,000 ways, and we appreciate your naming abilities as well.
Adam Tilzer – technically you’re brilliant, and musically you’re inspiring!
Susan Blond – we were starting something, together.
Todd Owyoung – professional, with style, and class. Words fail to describe our appreciation for you!
Nice Rack NYC – too cool!!
Powderfinger Promotions – David Avery (and every one working there!), you’re the best.
U.N.C.L.E. – Dave Sozinho and Mark Kordelos, thanks for your guidance.
Nathan Larson – the guardian angel. Thanks for everything. And Nina, thanks for sharing him with us…we really appreciate it.
Ted Young – and everyone at The Magic Shop for your support, and access to your studio.
Jessica Thompson – Thanks for all your help with mastering our first!
Doug Gillard – you inspire! You made us believe anything is possible.
Craig Wedren – your generosity was always appreciated.
Sunset Sessions – thanks for the exposure.
Bill Cox, ad Bill Randolph – your words were prescient. Should’ve listened.
Shane Konen – succinct, effective and honest. You might have been our strongest player.
Jesse Krakow – thanks for the support, guidance, inspiration, and good humor. You’re one of a kind.
Tim Gilman – a pioneer listener. Thanks for your support.
Stu Cohen – It is better to create than to learn! Creating is the essence of life.-Julius Caesar
Jul – your support was the foundation, regardless of outside recognition.
Grill-man – your work on the webpage was critical. You made it look easy.
Charlie Z – your support, attendance and good humor made the project more interesting.
Sear Sound – we loved the atmosphere and history.
Craviotto Drum Company – simply the best drum maker out there.
Spike Hill – you were there for us when we were new.
TuneCore – makes things possible!
YouTube & Vimeo – man! how do you go viral?
Sweetwater – for making great gear available.
U.P.S. – You wouldn’t believe how much we’ve shipped over the last couple of years!

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